...why not both?

Nothing impacts major dates and important events in someone’s life more significantly than travelling. When we share this with those we love, it becomes even more meaningful: a rite of passage, a milestone in collective memory.

This is Matueté Bossa’s goal: we wanna make it possible to have unforgettable moments with family or friends, creating beautiful, long-lasting, collective memories. We believe that a trip with 30 people together will always have more impact than a party for three hundred…

Our role is to understand your dreams and make them come true, creatively transforming simple moments into experiences that remain a treasured, life-long remembrance.

Do you think about all these details

when you are planning a trip?

Group travel is not a simple excursion. The planning is complicated and requires dedicated commitment, time and expertise. All stages must be foreseen, all questions raised and answered, the slightest details addressed and organized. Leave these worries to us: we are experts in simplifying your concerns as a host!

And speaking of details...

Where will your dreams take you?

Deciding where to go on a celebratory trip is a difficult task. Organizing a trip for a group means matching preferences, restrictions, expectations and interests. In addition to basic definitions – number of participants, duration, itinerary and access – one must be assured that everything will trouble-free at the chosen destinations. To ensure this, Matueté has close relationships with the main luxury travel suppliers throughout the world. And during the event, Matueté team overlooks everything at each location.

The Art of being a Host

Travel in a group requires strict information management, which means updates on the itinerary, information on destinations, suggestions, what to bring along, etc… The host’s account must be clearly established. Further tasks include monitoring confirmations, defining group departure at the same location or developing strategies for dealing with departures from different points and on different dates.

Choosing Ideal Accommodation

An important aspect of a Bossa trip, is that hotels should be exclusively for the group or provide a pre-established private environment. Choosing and organizing accommodation must be given to suitability for different age groups, allocating guests appropriately between the various different types available.

Does this seem complicated? Let us handle it for you!

Keep the Guests Informed

Communication strategy is a key point on a commemorative trip and permeates the whole experience, from the initial invitation to the group’s return. This involves design decisions (RSVP requests, distinctive trip letterheads, mementos and gifts) and organizational aspects such as setting up a web site with exclusive access for the guests, which contains updates, pictures and suggestions for post-programme activities. We’ve already thought about it all.

Who Says We Don’t Enjoy Parties?

The trip can include one or more commemorative events, such as a party, a dinner, lunch, picnic, a brunch or even lectures, shows or cultural presentations. To ensure impeccable service, it’s important to define the locations for holding these events as well as hiring the best qualified professionals.

Transporting the Whole Gang

It might seem a trivial achievement, but taking care of the travel arrangements for a group is a complex task. Do they all leave from the same city on the same day? Or do some travel later, live in another country or are going to use the opportunity to extend their trip? Matueté takes care of each traveler individually, in line with the event host’s directives.

A special trip allows discovery and is full of good surprises. It’s the one that makes each day a celebration. And that’s what Matueté Bossa does!


Do you feel that this brief description inspires you to plan an unforgettable celebration together with those close to you to some special unique destination? This is how a Bossa Trip comes to life! We would love to hear about and understand your dreams, to use our creativity and, within a few days, present you with a plan for the most memorable trip of your life. Contact us for details.